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Disaster Recovery

Disaster can strike anywhere, any time. But how well equipped are you to manage them & restore normal operations as painlessly as possible? We hope this forum will assist. Please contribute!

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What is BCP?

BCP is the process by which an organization produces a document to assist recovery from partially or completely interrupted critical functions within a pre-determined timeframe following disruption.

Disaster Recovery Planning Portals

Disaster Recovery World
FEMA, Ready, BS25999

PHP-Nuke Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning for PHP-Nuke needn't be difficult.

Disaster Recovery Planning Forum FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Disaster Recovery Planning

·  What is disaster recovery planning?
·  How important is the plan?
·  How do I create a plan?
·  Where does an SLA fit into this picture?
·  How do I know it will work?

·  What is disaster recovery planning?

Disaster recovery planning is essentially the preparation of those steps that will be necessary for recovery from a disaster or other crisis situation

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·  How important is the plan?

The plan itself is the core of the planning exercise, and is of critical importance. It is vital, therefore, that if you are to manage an incident successfully, the plan itself is of the highest quality and is up to date.

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·  How do I create a plan?

There are number of options, ranging from consultancy to software. However, probably the most common these days is the use of templates. This helps keep the exercise as relatively simple.

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·  Where does an SLA fit into this picture?

The service level agreement is basically a formal undertaking between yourself and the service provider. It is a mechanism used to ensure that you can have confidence in the supply of critical services and/or products.

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·  How do I know it will work?

Testing is as important as any other aspect of disaster recovery planning. Paper testing and scheduled practical tests should both be undertaken.

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